Healthcare Branding: A Platform to Discuss your Health

Discussing your health and any potential issues is becoming less stigmatised. Healthy eating is only one way of taking care of your body and today I wanted to discuss the bigger picture by focusing on the shift in the way society has come to view healthcare. There has been a recent surge surrounding healthcare branding and being able to open about your issues. Some of the issues that are slowly losing their stigma include miscarriage, various types of cancer, mental health issues, eating disorders and chronic pain disorders. There is now less shame in admitting you might be less than 100% healthy.

Lifestyle Brands Are Taking Over

Taking charge of your health has never been easier. We have seen an enormous rise is lifestyle brands that are coming onto the market and absolutely smashing it. FitBits and other fitness trackers are increasingly popular as people are taking charge of their physical fitness. Brands like Graze who provide healthier snacking options are in direct competition with traditional confectionary brands, and Graze is actually gaining ground.

To keep up, pharmaceutical and lifestyle companies are increasingly aware of the impact of healthcare branding and are changing the way in which their products are being presented. The power of design and creativity has never been more important for companies in order to survive in this competitive market.

It Is Okay Not To Be Okay

Celebrities are also opening the floodgates and enabling a platform where it becomes acceptable to discuss your health issues. Prince Harry, Lena Dunham and Zayn Malik are just a few examples of people in the public eye who have been open about their issues with depression and mental health. It is encouraging others to speak up and seek help for their own issues.

More male celebrities are also being honest about their issues with prostate cancer. By breaking their silence on their experiences with this type of cancer, celebrities like Ben Stiller, Ian McKellen and Robert De Niro are encouraging men to get checked out, especially when experiencing symptoms. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers amongst men, yet many men die from prostate cancer by simply ignoring the signs. Clinics like LUA, the London Urology Associates, have minimally invasive procedures, such as the Nanoknife treatment, that enables to treat of tumours that might previously have been tricky to treat. The procedure can be repeated and you are expected to be back on your feet within a few days.

The Power of Social Media

Not only treatment clinics and brands are contributing to the shift in the way society is treating healthcare and lifestyle. Social media has been critical in this change of the way healthcare issues and brands are discussed. For instance, Jessica Zucker’s Instagram account is providing women who have suffered pregnancy loss with a platform to openly discuss miscarriage and stillbirth. The vast amount of followers shows how many women needed to know they are not alone in their grief. Lena Dunham has also been very open about her battle with endometriosis and chronic pain in her social media accounts. Similarly, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga have given the autoimmune disease lupus more exposure, providing others battling the disease hope and inspiration.